Permanent exhibition

The National Museum of the Republic of Karelia

About the museum

The National Museum of the Republic of Karelia was founded in 1871 by Olonets Governor Grigory Grigoriev. The museum collection contains more than 230 thousand items and makes it possible to present the originality of the region in the context of the spiritual and material wealth of Karelia. The museum is located in the historical center of Petrozavodsk in the buildings of the historical and architectural ensemble of the Round Square, now Lenin Square, and is a cultural monument of federal significance.

In 24 permanent exhibition halls visitors can get acquainted with the history and culture of the region, from ancient times to the end of the 19th century.   Various excursions, classes, audio guides are offered at their service. The museum has a gift shop. We hope that the museum will be of interest to all categories of visitors. Welcome to our museum!


Director - Mikhail Leonidovich Goldenberg.

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