Museum of the History of the First Russian Resort «Marcial Waters»

Museum History

History of Marcial Waters is associated with the name of Peter I, who wanted to have a resort in Russia. In 1714 working at Konchezersky copper-smelting plant Ivan Reboev discovered a spring near the ore-bearing Ravdsuo bog, whose waters were curative. Peter ordered a palace to be built near the spring, and in 1719 he personally visited the first Russian health resort.

On July 25, 1948 the Petrovsky Museum was opened to the public. Originally, the exposition of the museum had only two sections: "The participation of the Karelian people in the Great Northern War" and "Peter the Great on Marcial Waters".


Caretaker's House.
The modern exposition of the museum was developed in the 80s of the 20th century. Thematic subsections of the exposition are devoted to certain events of the Great Northern War, history of Olonets plants, appearance and functioning of the first Russian resort. The second hall tells about the revival of the resort in the Soviet period. The museum keeps a table, a chair, candelabras from the royal palace, a unique cast-iron stove, etc.

Church of the Apostle Peter.
The main object of the show is the Church of the Apostle Peter, an architectural monument of the Petrine era. The building was built in 1721 by order of Peter I. This church is the only architectural monument, preserved from the structures of the resort of Peter's times. The early 18th-century iconostasis, decorated with wooden carvings, two cast-iron stoves (1721), candlesticks from the tsar's workshop and other valuable artefacts have been preserved in the church.

Mode of operation of the museum:
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday is a day off.
On holidays the museum works by prior request.
Inquiries and ordering tours: 55-96-55 (ext.107)

Address: Republic of Karelia, Kondopozhsky district, village of Marcial waters
Phone: (8142) 55-96-55 (ext.107)
Head of the branch: Oleg Eduardovich Moshnikov