«Nature of Karelia» Exhibit

The exhibition on the nature of Karelia is located in the building that is part of the former House- complex of the Head of Olonets mining district (1770’s).

On entering, one faces the relief map of the Onega Lake that depicts mainstreams and bays of the second largest lake in Europe as well as fish that inhabit Karelian rivers and lakes.

The exhibit displays two large dioramas: “Forest animals” and “White Sea inhabitants”, and several thematic window-stalls. The exhibit includes play kits and aids: animal footprints, educational pictures, birds beaks made of wood, birds’ nests and other items. Play kits and aids not just give visualization, but provide assistance for young visitors to obtain sense experience communicating with nature, develop memory, imagination, and cognize nature through play.

The exhibit has ‘smart lights’ and multimedia kiosks that reproduce sounds by birds and animals, videos, games for kids and parents. The museum offers topical excursions and classes.

“Nature of Karelia” complex allows children to enlarge their knowledge of Karelian flora and fauna, foster love and careful attitude for nature, develop ingenuity and logical thinking, as well as curiosity and a quick eye.

The exhibit is great for a family visit: the ground floor is given to “Family Museum” and the second floor hosts “Nature of Karelia”.