«Bear Corner»

It will be interesting for both children and adults. 
There are models of dwellings of forest inhabitants of Karelia in two rooms of the museum area.

We suggest you:

  • to sit in the “eagle's nest”, hear the voice of eagle, compare the size of your own hands with the wingspan of this bird;
  • to go under the "beaver dam", look out of its "house" and compare your own weight with the weight of an adult beaver and a newborn beaver;
  • to look out of the "owl hollow", hear the voice of the bird, compare the span of your own arms with its wings;
  • crawl along the “earthworm path”, hear the sounds it makes under the ground and find out how much it weighs;
  • comfortably settle in the "bear lair", hear the breath of the animal, compare your own height and weight with the height and weight of an adult bear.

In addition, visitors can guess riddles and learn interesting facts about these inhabitants of the Karelian forest. As part of the interactive site, interactive excursions, thematic classes for tourist groups and family visitors are provided.