IV сonference "Museums in the Northern Dimension"

Dedicated to 150 anniversaries of the National Museum
of the Republic of Karelia

The Ministry of culture of the Republic of Karelia

National Museum of the Republic of Karelia

October, 13-14th, 2021, Petrozavodsk

IV international scientific and practical сonference "Museums in the Northern Dimension"

Video of the plenary session: 

Conference Topics:

Museums in the cultural space of Northern Europe

History of creation and development of museums and museum collections; the formation of museum work in the context of the specifics of the territories of the European North; peculiarities and problems of museum activity in national regions and places of residence of indigenous peoples; in the border areas.

• Museum and local communities

The role of museums in supporting local traditions and creating new public values, forming cultural brands, identifying territories, cities, places through museum interpretation, project activities for the development of local communities.

Museum and intangible heritage

Problems, methods, technologies for involving folklore traditions, ceremonial and ritual practices, toponymic data, evidence of oral and family history, etc. in museum activities.

Museum and cultural landscape: involvement of immovable heritage objects in museum activities

Museums as a factor in the preservation and formation of cultural landscapes; museums and state protection of cultural and natural heritage sites; museums in the historical and architectural environment of the city, settlement; projects based on the interpretation of immovable heritage.


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