Conference "Museums in the Northern Dimension"

Ministry of Culture and Public Affairs of the Republic of Karelia

Karelian State Regional Museum

October, 18-20th, 2006, Petrozavodsk

International scientific and practical conference "Museums in the Northern Dimension"

The conference is devoted to the 135th anniversary
of the Karelian State Regional Museum’s foundation

The problems  for discussion:

  • Museums in cultural space of the Northern Europe

Creation and development history of the museums and museum collections; the museum activity coming into being in the European North territories specific context

  • Museum as a territory, city, site brand

The museums’ role in creating new public values, regional ideologies and cultural brands making; territories, cities and sites identification through museum interpretation and their specifics presentation, assets revealing.

  • National museums and museums of indigenous people

Museum and the national policy; distinctive features and problems of the museum activity in the national regions and indigenous people residence territories.

  • Museum and intangible cultural heritage

Problem of involving folklore, traditions, rituals, toponymy in the museum activity; establishing based on traditions significant events for local community; innovative projects, etc.

  • Museum and immovable cultural heritage objects

The cultural landscape concepts and the environmental approach effect on the museums’ activity; museums functions on cultural heritage objects in connection with museums’ participation in tourism activities; museums and the state safeguarding of natural, historical and cultural monuments; museums in the architectural environment of city, etc.

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The Karelian State Regional Museums’ address:
185035, Russian Federation, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Lenin's square, 1

Contact persons :
Mr Denis Kuznetsov